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Blessed Are Those Who Do Not Mourn

A story is told about Chuang Tzu, the Taoist philosopher.  His wife had died, after forty years of marriage, and a friend named Huizi came to offer condolences.  Walking into the house, he found Chuang Tzu playing drums on a wooden bowl and singing.  “What are you doing?” Huizi exclaimed.  “People will think you don’t […]

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Be Like Water

“The best man is like water.  Water is good: it benefits all things and does not compete with them.”  -Lao Tzu[i] I teach a course on the New Testament, and my goal this week was to finish the Gospel of Mark.  I figured we’d talk about Mark’s somber portrayal of dim-witted disciples and a suffering […]

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Vampire World

I was reading outside this summer when a hornet labored by and landed on a table.  Beneath its belly, the hornet was clutching a small, green caterpillar as long as it was, which is why it could barely fly.  After sitting for a moment, apparently exhausted, the little black vampire began digging its mandibles into […]

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