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These writings are intended for anyone who desires a closer connection to God or is curious about the possibility.  In one way or another, when it comes to spirituality, we all are beginners.

In my experience, whatever separates us from God is inevitably found within ourselves.  The simplicity of that idea, however, is belied by the complexity of what it means.  Humans are complicated creatures, and intimacy of any kind, including with God, requires dealing with the source of the complications.  And the source is us.  Essentially, learning to get out of our own way, and then see what happens, is the key to spiritual practice.  This site is dedicated to that life-long endeavor.

It’s important to acknowledge that spirituality is always rooted in particular lives, at particular places and times.  Mine is no different.  I have worked as a United Methodist pastor, a substance abuse therapist, and a college instructor.  I have earned a Master of Divinity, a Master of Philosophy, and a PhD in Sociology.  All have shaped me.  As a result, in addition to my experiences, you will find a good deal of Western thought reflected in my beliefs, along with Eastern and philosophical traditions, and an occasional rock lyric.  

My hope is that you find these writings useful.  If they are, please pass them along to a friend. 


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