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A Time For Silence

“It’s all beyond me—how can I reply to you?  I put my hand over my mouth.”  – Job 40: 4 Sometimes nothing can be said.  Not everything can be put into words.  Language often trivializes what we’re trying to express, because our lexicon is completely inadequate to the occasion.  To say the universe is vast […]

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The string of homicides gaining national attention over the last few weeks have caused me to reminisce about the murderers I’ve known.  Working in an urban outpatient clinic for substance abusers caused me to meet more than a few.  A majority of the people who walked in our doors were in trouble with the law, […]

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Vampire World

I was reading outside this summer when a hornet labored by and landed on a table.  Beneath its belly, the hornet was clutching a small, green caterpillar as long as it was, which is why it could barely fly.  After sitting for a moment, apparently exhausted, the little black vampire began digging its mandibles into […]

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