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What You Need To Know

We arrive in this world knowing surprisingly little.  Many creatures are born with a basic set of knowledge that helps them survive, but that’s not true for people.  Humans lack instincts for even the most basic needs and are profoundly helpless for a prolonged period of time after birth.  We have to learn what to […]

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The Things We Imagine

Two chimpanzees mauled an American graduate student in South Africa last month.  He was leading a tour of a jungle refuge filled with our closest animal relatives.  Tragically, he stepped inside a restricted zone, violated chimpanzee territory, and they defended themselves.  The young man is missing fingers and toes, one testicle, hunks of arm flesh, […]

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If It Walks Like A Duck

In 2012, the United States will spend more than $1 trillion on the defense department and war.  We spend more on the military than we do anything else in the federal budget.  The 2012 allocation for education is $77.4 billion, or approximately 7% of what we splurge on defending ourselves.  Cancelling the space shuttle saved […]

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