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Casualties Of A Different War

My father grew up on a small, family dairy farm in upstate New York.  He would get out of bed at four in the morning, milk cows, deliver milk, and then go to school.  I have a few old milk bottles imprinted with the label of Dann’s All-Star Dairy. That was back in the 1930s.  […]

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What’s Precious and What’s Not

There’s nothing like moving to make you separate what’s precious from what’s not.  I’ve moved eleven times in the last seventeen years.  Somewhere back around move number four I cut my library in half.  At different places along the way I’ve left behind desks, bookshelves, chairs, a tiller, and partial stake in a foosball table.  […]

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The Limits of Occupying Wall Street

I’ve been trying to decide what I think about the Occupy Wall Street crowd camped out in New York City’s Zucotti Park.  I came of age in the late Sixties, and they remind me a little of that time—a disparate bunch, loosely organized around a sense of injustice, with more than a few joining in […]

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