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A Time to Be Silent

I haven’t been able to write an essay for a while. I could call it an extended case of writer’s block, except that doesn’t explain very much. Who knows what blocks a writer? I could say I ran out of things to say, except that isn’t true. Just ask the classes I teach; they endure […]

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Our Greatest Enemy

No hate can hurt, no foe can harm, as hurts and harms a mind ill-disciplined.  -Buddha No nation in the history of the world spends more on defending itself than the United States.  According to the Defense Department, the U.S. will expend $687 billion in 2013 on the military, with an additional $54 billion for […]

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The Man With A Radio In His Big Toe

When I was in seminary, I interned as a chaplain in a VA mental hospital.  I worked in a locked ward for Vietnam vets.  Many were schizophrenics with psychotic features, meaning they heard voices and saw things the rest of us don’t.  I’d arrive in the morning as the unit lined up for orange juice […]

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