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This Essay Is Not For Sale, Unless You’re Paying With Money

One of the less recognized aspects of the American Revolution was its usefulness as a business venture.  The French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions were all revolts empowered by peasants, but that’s not true for the revolt that created the United States.  The American colonists were more affluent, on average, than the populace back in England, […]

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One Nation Under God- Part 2

While courts may view the phrase one nation under God with some skepticism, the American people do not.  An amazing eighty-five percent of us believe the sentiment belongs in the Pledge of Allegiance.  That’s a degree of unanimity Americans share about very few things, and it makes me wonder if people have thought this through. […]

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One Nation Under God- Part 1

A billboard caught my attention today.  Squeezed between signs for a real estate agency and a casino, there was one with white block letters superimposed over an American flag.  It declared ONE NATION UNDER GOD to everyone passing east on Route 23. I immediately wondered what it meant.  Who put it there and paid for […]

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