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The Saint I Knew

Fourteen years ago I worked for an outpatient counseling agency in Schenectady, New York.  Schenectady is a run-down industrial city, the one-time headquarters of General Electric, with the remains of eroding municipal splendor sprinkled among urban blight.  Our agency was located in the blight, in the midst of neighborhoods swamped by poverty and crime.  We […]

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A Christmas Disclaimer

Truth in advertising, and the desire for a more informed seasonal experience, requires the following qualification be added to all claims or representations regarding Christmas:  Jesus wasn’t born on December 25.  In reality, we have no idea when that event occurred.  There’s nothing wrong with December 25.  If you want to celebrate the birth of […]

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Vampire World

I was reading outside this summer when a hornet labored by and landed on a table.  Beneath its belly, the hornet was clutching a small, green caterpillar as long as it was, which is why it could barely fly.  After sitting for a moment, apparently exhausted, the little black vampire began digging its mandibles into […]

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