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Believing Is Seeing

The world is not always as it seems.  We learn to believe particular things, and those beliefs then shape the world that we see and experience.  In ancient times, believing the earth was the center of the universe appeared perfectly reasonable.  If you studied the sky, you could watch the sun rise in the east […]

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And In This Corner. . .

Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be treated to the Republican and Democratic national conventions.  Political bloviation and professional hypocrisy will reach excruciating heights, and then we’ll elect a president nine weeks later.  Or maybe I should say the Electoral College will select one in December. Whoever chooses the guy, all […]

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Rick Santorum and Disneyworld

I like trout fishing, and one of the impossible wishes of my life would be to travel back in time and fish the mountain streams of the Adirondack Mountains as they existed two hundred years ago.  Even in the days of Teddy Roosevelt, who heard about becoming president while fishing in the Adirondacks, much of […]

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