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What You Need To Know

We arrive in this world knowing surprisingly little.  Many creatures are born with a basic set of knowledge that helps them survive, but that’s not true for people.  Humans lack instincts for even the most basic needs and are profoundly helpless for a prolonged period of time after birth.  We have to learn what to […]

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The Parable Of The Unscrupulous Judge

Faith can seem like the easiest thing.  All we have to do is believe.  There’s no physical exertion required.  Education is often seen as a hindrance.  It’s not something we have to spend much time thinking about.  In fact, the less thought we give to our beliefs the more it seems like faith. Appearances, of […]

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Aiming At Nothing And Hitting It

When I became a minister, my role as a pastoral counselor had special significance for me.  I regarded counseling as a professionally recognized practice.  Everything else about being a pastor—the ceremonies, the praying, the studying of religious books, the time spent with women who were home all day—seemed to be seen as more akin to […]

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