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The Game Of Going To Heaven

I saw a bumper sticker on a pickup today. It declared, “In case of rapture, this vehicle will be unmanned.” I suppose it was a warning to all the unfortunate souls who don’t qualify for heaven; his truck is going to become a dangerous moving object when the roll is called up yonder. The righteous […]

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Believing Is Seeing

The world is not always as it seems.  We learn to believe particular things, and those beliefs then shape the world that we see and experience.  In ancient times, believing the earth was the center of the universe appeared perfectly reasonable.  If you studied the sky, you could watch the sun rise in the east […]

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Ideologically Speaking

We all like to be right.  In my experience, being wrong has never had a big upside.   It’s usually followed by taking the blame for everything from embarrassments to car wrecks, and is why we constantly try to convince people the truth is on our side.  The F was the teacher’s fault. The ways we […]

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