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Coconut Island

Once upon a time there was an island.  On this island there was a group of people known as the Vespuccians.  They lived at relative peace with each other.  Like people everywhere, they had squabbles, but they were united in their love for one thing- coconuts.  They ate coconuts and wore coconuts.  They drank coconut […]

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This Essay Is Not For Sale, Unless You’re Paying With Money

One of the less recognized aspects of the American Revolution was its usefulness as a business venture.  The French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions were all revolts empowered by peasants, but that’s not true for the revolt that created the United States.  The American colonists were more affluent, on average, than the populace back in England, […]

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The Other American Dream

My first job teaching in a community college was in a small North Carolina farming town.  The entire public school district was housed in single building, and I taught college level religion, sociology, and psychology courses to the juniors and seniors.  Added together, there were about twenty-five.  The district was so tiny that teachers knew […]

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