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A God Of Love

The Aztecs probably hold the record for most human sacrifices performed in a calendar year.  They believed in a God who fed on human blood, and their priests tore beating hearts out of chests to offer up as food.  Going to war was a form of farming, harvesting captives, then herding the divine victuals home […]

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Vampire World

I was reading outside this summer when a hornet labored by and landed on a table.  Beneath its belly, the hornet was clutching a small, green caterpillar as long as it was, which is why it could barely fly.  After sitting for a moment, apparently exhausted, the little black vampire began digging its mandibles into […]

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Earthquakes and Motorcycles

Hundreds of Turks died last week in an earthquake measured at 7.2 on the Richter scale.  Buildings collapsed and caught fire.  Workers desperately dug through the rubble to save lives, including a two week old baby.  The future for tens of thousands of people was permanently altered, one way or another, in the blink of […]

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