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The Man With A Radio In His Big Toe

When I was in seminary, I interned as a chaplain in a VA mental hospital.  I worked in a locked ward for Vietnam vets.  Many were schizophrenics with psychotic features, meaning they heard voices and saw things the rest of us don’t.  I’d arrive in the morning as the unit lined up for orange juice […]

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If It Walks Like A Duck

In 2012, the United States will spend more than $1 trillion on the defense department and war.  We spend more on the military than we do anything else in the federal budget.  The 2012 allocation for education is $77.4 billion, or approximately 7% of what we splurge on defending ourselves.  Cancelling the space shuttle saved […]

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Be Like Water

“The best man is like water.  Water is good: it benefits all things and does not compete with them.”  -Lao Tzu[i] I teach a course on the New Testament, and my goal this week was to finish the Gospel of Mark.  I figured we’d talk about Mark’s somber portrayal of dim-witted disciples and a suffering […]

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